One month study plan

Preparing for the GMAT in one month is almost like going on a crash diet. It requires undivided attention, focus and a lot of hard work. The reason why we begin with such a statement is because of the well-known fact that the required time to prepare for the GMAT is about 3 months. So the first thing that one needs to understand is that preparing for the GMAT in a month is a massive challenge.

The one-month Study Plan will work only in the following situations:

  1. If you are planning to resign your job and/or take a break from your usual routine to concentrate on the GMAT.
  2. If you have already prepared for the GMAT earlier and you are now looking to improve your score by fine tuning your test-taking strategies.
  3. If you are conversant with the strategies in either Quant or Verbal and are seeking help for the other section in which you are weak.
  4. If you are pretty confident with the basic concepts and feel that you just need more practice.
  5. If you are running short of deadlines and have a limited time window to apply..

GMAT One Month Study Schedule:

Week: 01 – Take a mock test and analyze your weak areas. Make sure you brush-up on all those concepts first.

Week: 02 – Solve easy to medium level questions from those concepts. You can use the Official Guide for preparation in the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections in the exam.

Week: 03 – Solve some high difficulty level questions from the same concepts. In case your accuracy doesn’t improve or you feel you are making many errors, then consider revising your concepts once again.

Week: 04 – Take mock tests and revise your concepts. Make sure that you get extremely comfortable with those topics on the day of the Test. Mock tests can be taken periodically to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. They also help you to get accustomed with the testing conditions of the exam including the adaptive testing patterns (the difficulty level of the next section depends on your performance in the previous sections).

All throughout the 4 weeks make sure you also keep solving question types that you are already aware of to ensure that you don’t lose the momentum.

GMAT 1 Month Plan (Syllabus Break-up)

Day 1-3 No. of Hours
Test on official GMAT site 4.5
Sentence Correction
Grammar Basics 1,2 and 3 and introduction to errors 12
Quant Concepts(Concept Video + Practice Questions) 4
Day 4-5 No. of Hours
Sentence correction
Introduction to GMAT Errors 5
OG-13 10
OG-12 1
Quant Concepts(Arithmetic and Algebra) 4
Days 5-8 No. of Hours
Sentence correction
Section Tests 1-5 5
Sentence correction Adaptative Question Bank 1
Quant Concepts(From Geometry To Statics) 10.5
Quant PS Section Tests Questions 1-100 4
Days 9 and 10 No. of Hours
Sentence correction
Section Tests 6-10 5
Sentence correction Adaptative Question Bank 1
Reading Principles and RC Rules 11
RC Rules Practice 3.5
Days 10-12 No. of Hours
OG-13 14
OG-12 2.5
Quant 11
Quant PS Section Tests Questions 101-150 2
Quant PS Official Guide 13th edition Questions 1-100 2.5
Days 13 and 14 No. of Hours
Quant PS Official Guide 13th edition Questions 101-230 4
Critical Reasoning(CR)
CR Basics 18
Days 15-17 No. of Hours
CR Practice Question 5
RC Passages 1-12 5
Quant Ps Official guide 12th edition 1-45 1.5
Quant PS Adaptive Question Bank 2
OG-12 2.5
OG-13 Questions 1-20 4
Days 18-19 No. of Hours
OG-13 Questions 21-124 10
PS High Level Tests 1-5 5
Quants DS Official Guide 13th edition Question 1-174 6
Passages 13-25 5
Days 20-22 No. of Hours
section Tests 1-5 4
CR Adaptative Bank 1
RC 5
RC Adaptative Question bank 2
Rc High level Tests Passage 1-10 12
Quant Official Guide 12th edition 1
Days 23-24 No. of Hours
Section Tests 6-10 4
DS section Tests Q1-150 6
DS High Level Tests Q1-30 2
High Level Tests1-5 8
Days 25-27 No. of Hours
DS Adaptive Question Bank 2
DS High Level Tests 1-75 6
Integrated Reasoning 100 questions 9
Essays 3
Review Of Quants and varbal Basics 3
Days 28-30 No. of Hours
Mock GMAT Tests 1-5
Days 31-33 No. of Hours
Mock GMAT Tests 6-10

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