GRE Grammar Tutorial Part-II

The GRE doesn’t directly test you on your grammar. However, in order to answer the questions in sections such as Text Completion and Reading Comprehension, grammar proficiency is necessary. Hence, we provide quality tutorials to brush up your grammar so that you can score well!


GRE Verbal Reasoning Grammar Tutorial on Verbs – Tenses and Forms

A verb is the most integral part of a sentence. It is the action word of a sentence and refers to what is happening. You cannot frame a sentence without a verb. In fact, the shortest sentence in the English language is ‘Go’, which is a verb.

The main verb is often associated with the subject. For instance, Karun Nair scored a triple century.
Here, Karun Nair is the subject (noun). ’Scored’ is the verb associated with Karun Nair.

Verb tense is broadly classified into 3 types: Present, Past and Future tense. As you would already know, present tense refers to a verb that denotes something happening right now. The past tense denotes something that had happened in the past. The future tense denotes something that is yet to happen, i.e. set in the future.

There are four forms of verb tense: Simple, Progressive, Perfect and Perfect Progressive.

Here is a table with examples: