Best Books for GRE Verbal Preparation

Getting a crowning score in GRE is impossible without a solid preparation for the verbal reasoning section. Often people assume that the verbal reasoning is just one section of the GRE< however, that is not true. The verbal reasoning segment is composed of three different sections:

  1. Reading Comprehension (RC)
  2. Sentence Equivalence (SE)
  3. Text completion (TC)

If you are planning to get above 95 percentile in the verbal reasoning section of the GRE, then it is important to be proficient in a minimum of the two sub-sections listed above and at least be average in the third one. The principal task you need to accomplish is to find the two subsections that can work as your secure areas and in which you are good at. You also have to find the section you are not so strong in and start working hard on it. Here is a list of books that can help you prepare well for the verbal reasoning in GRE and increase your confidence.

    • ETS Official Guide to the Revised GRE General Test: This book is the ultimate Holy Grail for the test takers as it emerges from the hand of the test creators. Since the team of ETS designed this book, therefore the difficulty level and the question patterns are remarkably similar to the actual GRE exam. We highly recommend that you prepare for GRE diligently using this book since it contains the GRE syllabus up to date.
    • Gruber’s Complete GRE Guide: This book is the most recommended book for starting the journey into the world of GRE. It is highly profitable for those who are starting their preparation from scratch and believe in self-preparation. This book provides a basic introduction to GRE and also explains about the test format of GRE. It contains a vast amount of the preliminary GRE words and hence can be considered a good book to start your preparation with.
    • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis: The next most important step is building your vocabulary, and no book can beat the collection of words of this book. The words listed in this book are based on the etymology of the words. So, playing with words become easy and fun as you know the parent words.
    • Manhattan GRE Guide: The publishers of Manhattan GRE Guide provide a separate book for each topic. So, find out which section you are weak in and choose the same book as each volume of the book focuses on a particular sub-section. Therefore more the elaboration accompanied with the practice sets, the better will be the understanding and the preparation. Moreover, it has been seen that the questions in these books tend to be tougher than the usual questions. So, if you can get a high score in the practice tests in this book then surely you will get a better score in the real exam.
    • The Verbal Workbook by Kaplan: This book provides tough test sets along with ample questions to materialize your preparation on better ground

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