Best Books For GRE Analytical Writing

The analytical writing section of the GRE exam requires one to write a full- fledged essay on two different topics in one hour. Analytical writing is nothing like the verbal section in which you are required to fill up the blank spaces or to choose from the options available. Analytical writing is no math, where you can apply some tricks and get the right answer. It is something where you have to create a magical piece of writing through which you can present your thoughts and views in front of the examiners and show them that you are the perfect candidate for the grad schools. GRE never asks you to be a prize-winning writer, but it does want its aspirant to be a competent writer who can play with standard words and use them according to their benefits.

Before we can decide which books are best to refer to for analytical writing in GRE, we should understand what analytical writing is.

Analytical is the first section of the GRE exam, without completing this section you can’t move to the next section of verbal or quantitative aptitude. There is no experimental section on analytical writing, and in this section, you will have one hour where you need to write two different essays. These are:

  • Analyze an Issue: The essay on analyzing an issue asks you to analyze and respond on some general proclamation, which can be related to education, politics, or culture. You are asked to take a position on complex issues.
  • Analyze an Argument: The Argument, in contrast to the issue essay, prompts you to dichotomize the soundness of any given position. You will find the situation in the paragraph provided. Hence it won’t be incorrect to say that it requires a little bit of more reading than the Issue topic.

Here are a few study materials that can help you be ready for the analytical writing in GRE and get a picture-perfect score of 6.

  1. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis: You can create an exceptional article if you have an active vocabulary. Writing an essay is a game of words and the words listed in this book are based on the etymology of the words. Hence, playing with words become easy and fun as you know the parent words.
  2. GRE Analytical Writing: Solutions to the Real Essay Topics –Vibrant Publishers: This book contains over 25 samples for both Analyze an issue and Analyze argument topics. There are also prewriting activities which would assist you with why the writers opted for a particular point of view and used evidence to support his responses. Expert strategies and scoring guides for both the Issue and Argument tasks as per guidelines make this a must buy for any GRE aspirant.
  3. Read lots of standard Novels: These novels will help you in understanding the correct way of presenting your ideas and thoughts.
  4. Read international newspapers: International newspapers, especially the ones published in the US will help you get a better idea of politics, culture, and education as the topics which are given in the exam are of the US economy.

Try these and getting a perfect 6 will be child’s play for you. Be a competent writer, play with words and we are sure you would ace this section of the GRE exam.

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