Last-Minute GMAT Tips

While it is essential to allot a considerable amount of time to GMAT preparation, it is difficult for some people to do so when they have other things on their plate. If the date scheduled for you to appear for the GMAT is close, here are a few tips for the last-minute push you can give to your preparation: 

#1. Don’t over-cram: Ensure that you maintain a pace while studying, and don’t over-strain yourself in the process. Try to maintain your composure, hone your weaknesses, and capitalize on your strengths. Use the time you have left to review your fundamental skills, and take practice tests to get habituated with the exam pattern.

#2. Consider taking a full-length timed diagnostic test: Taking a practice test is one of the most effective ways to prepare for the GMAT exam. We strongly recommend you to take practice tests with questions designed by the official body that administers the GMAT, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). The practice test is in a computer-adaptive format which implies that the difficulty level of the questions you see depends upon your performance as you move ahead with the exam. Taking a full-length timed diagnostic test helps in capturing your strengths and weaknesses, and lets work on those areas which call for improvement. It also gives you a fair idea of your preparation status, and your probable GMAT score in the actual exam.

#3. Familiarize yourself with the GMAT exam format: This is an extremely important step to prepare for the exam so as to get the hang of the actual examination’s format. Reviewing the format for the GMAT will accustom you to the question-type pattern, and may prevent last-minute surprises in the examination center affecting your performance.

#4. Keep your documents ready well in advance: You should be extra cautious about the documents that you are required to present before you’re permitted to enter the test center. Keep your ID proof and enrolment number handy to display it to the test administrator on the day of your GMAT examination. Cross-check the testing location guidelines for what’s allowed at the center the  night before your examination, and ensure that you have all that you need to sit for the exam to avoid panicking at the last-minute.

#5. Be at your physical and emotional best: Prepare yourself both emotionally and physically before your examination to maintain your composure and have complete control of the situation during the test. By doing this, you are more likely to handle difficult questions with ease, and score well in the test. Remember to plan your route to the test center beforehand, so that you are aware of the time required to reach the location and don’t need to rush.

Of everything that we have listed, the most important thing to remember is to take some time off to relax before your examination. Take a deep breath and calm your mind: being at your mental and emotional best is essential to perform well on the examination.